JALKI online

JALKI online

There are the new articles in Journal of Adult Learning, Knowledge and Innovation:

Learning alone together: Emergency-mode educational functions of international virtual exchange in times of the COVID-19 pandemic (ERDEI, ROJEK, LEEK, 2023)

Practice of praxis (RITCHIE, 2023)

Improving university students' cooperation skills through portfolio projects: A pilot study (BÁNHEGYI, FAJT, 2023)

Differentiated instruction in the EFL classroom: An interview study on Hungarian primary and secondary school EFL teachers' views and self-reported practices (KÓTAY-NAGY, 2023)

The editor-in-chief is Helga Dorner PhD, associate professor, director of Institute of Research on Adult Education and Knowledge Management, ELTE PPK

All of the articles are available open access here: Journal of Adult Learning, Knowledge and Innovation