FTI oktatók nyerték el a HERA fődíját

FTI oktatók nyerték el a HERA fődíját

The Hungarian Educational Research Association (HERA) awards the best educational research works every year. The professors of our institute - Helga Dorner and Kinga Káplár-Kodácsy - received the first place in 2024.

"Creating reflective space for teachers in high school: the use of story completion deals with the self-reflection of university teachers"

This paper describes a study how higher education teachers conceive of and approach their teaching and how they connect their conceptions and approaches to critical incidents. This study draws on university teachers’ self-inquiry through a story completion method. Signature pedagogies provide the analytical framework in our thematic analysis through which we analyzed teachers’ narratives. Our analysis depicts the heterogeneous complexity of university teachers’ experiences in different disciplines. We found that concepts and approaches may be bridged through story- mediated reflective conversations which created space for multiple interpretations of these stories. Story-mediated narratives about teaching also encouraged teachers’ academic development grounded in self-inquiry.

Congratulations to the winners who have been awarded the opportunity to attend the annual international conference of the European Educational Research Association in 2025.

The list of award-winning works is available on the HERA website.