Organizational and Work-Integrated Learning Research Group

Organizational and work-integrated learning research group

Organizational learning, workplace and work-integrated learning are at the center of our shared interest as a research group. As we understand, such learning and development may take various forms (individual, collective, societal, formal, informal, online, in-person etc.) and be embedded in various locations and contexts (information society, economy, workplace, home, higher education etc.). Hence, we maintain an interdisciplinary approach that also represents methodological variety. We therefore share orientations and methods across disciplines, such as social sciences, anthropology, sociology of education, organizational psychology, applied public policy, and adult and higher education. Our main research foci are as follows: intersections of workplace learning and higher education, digitalization and internationalization to support organizational and workplace learning, higher education institutions as places of organizational and workplace learning, interrelations among adult learning, professionalization and human resource development, innovative forms of supporting organizational and workplace learning (mentoring and counseling). 
Beyond basic research, we aim to engage in applied research which contributes to cross-fertilization between universities as sites of knowledge-creation and -sharing as well as knowledge users in the widest sense possible. 

Leader of the research group:  Helga DORNER PhD, associate professor