Emberi erőforrás tanácsadó MA szakmai gyakorlat

Instructor: Luca Alexa ERDEI lecturer (


Informations about the internships


HRCM21-138 Workplacement I.

HRCM21-139 Workplacement II.

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Data sheet and declaration

The document shall be fully completed and uploaded to the Canvas no later than 21/02/2024


Practice journal

The deadline for submission via Canvas: no later than 26/05/2024



  • Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Budapest Cultural Centre
  • Business Coach Ltd.
  • C-VISO Lp.
  • Case Solvers Ltd.
  • DHL Globál Forwarding Hungary Ltd..
  • EU-DiákOK Student Employment Agency
  • Ferenczy Múzeumi Centrum
  • HILL International Ltd.
  • HR Business Partners Ltd.
  • Hungarian Branch Office of Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  • Hungarian State Treasury
  • Infineon Technologies Cegléd Ltd.
  • Job Force Student Employment Agency
  • Képes Foundation
  • LEGACY  Ltd.
  • MADS - Márton Áron Student Employment Agency
  • Marom Klub Ltd.
  • MELÓ-DIÁK Universitas Student Employment Agency
  • MIND-DIÁK Student Employment Agency
  • MÜISZ Student Employment Agency
  • MYLAN Ltd.
  • OTP Bank Plc.
  • Pajtás Diák Student Employment Agency
  • Supercharge Ltd.
  • UNICEF Hungary
  • Water House Gastronomy Private Limited Company

Contact informations can be requested from the instructor.