Social Communication Research Group

The ELTE PPK Social Communication Research Group was founded in 2010. As an integrating professional laboratory it keeps focus on interdisciplinary research antecedent. The main research topics are the social perception of science and higher education, including their apperance in the media; university rankings; and the nature of traditional and new media in knowledge-mediation, philosophy of communication and social representation. Another topic is the political ideology from the perspective of social philosophy and social psychology. We carrie out research about financial literacy, religion and faith of pupils. The laboratory also maintains and takes care of the former Mass Communcation Research Group's document repository.

The Social Communication Research Group is a basis for educational programs on all levels of training. We care for a special postgraduate training about higher education management and science communication. Fellows of the Research Gropu give courses for BA, MA and PhD students bzw. on communication, philosophy, social psychology, ethics.

Leader of the research group:

György FÁBRI PhD, associate professor with habilitation


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